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Oct 06

6/4 The Creator presents Solutions to their disobedience

eden2 As we saw in our last post, Adam and his wife chose to follow the cunning, seductive suggestions of the snake rather than their loving Creator.  Their eyes were opened as the snake had said … but what they saw was their own nakedness, not the glory of being a God!  They took the large leave from the trees around them and make ‘coverings’ for their bodies. (Genesis 3:7)

Their next action was to hide from the LORD as they heard Him coming to walk in the cool of the evening …. with them.  (Genesis 3:8)  How often do we see this pattern in human behaviour?   Denial, self protection, independence, shame, guilt, fear of God, avoidance – all moved into the human race.  None of these emotions have been here before …. and now, the feelings for both of them were growing.

I’m sure it was a very sad Creator that presented the results of their actions.

“I am here to walk with you both but where are you?  Even as my perfect couple confessed their nakedness, I already knew of their choice.  They were perfect in all ways but yet untested by the evil one.  Now, the snake had appealed to this same rebellion that had cost him the right to be My covering in the heavens.

“Who told you that you were naked?  What have you done to disobey Me?  I had to smile slightly as Adam first tried to blame his wife: ‘….That woman You gave me….!’  Sidestepping his responsibility would cost him dearly throughout the next generations.  Adam could have stopped the whole process by rejecting the fruit and holding true to My words …. but he hadn’t.  He had given into his woman, setting a pattern that all mankind would follow.

“Then, with equal sadness, I turned to the perfect woman I had made, hoping she would take some responsibility and repent even if Adam hadn’t.  ‘Hhuuummm, it was that snake that deceived me …. It’s his fault.’  I saw their unrepented hearts even as they tried to shift the blame.

“Next I turned to the snake who had invaded My order of things in the Garden, that crafty serpent I had dealt with many times before.  In fact, I had to remove him from his position as Lucifer, my beautiful, glorious, heavenly musician!  He had left heavens realm and took 1/3 of My angels with him.  One day, he would meet his fate.  I would not leave them alone and unprotected.

“Since they had broken the balance, I now needed to tell them the consequences of their actions!

“First to the snake:  Because you have started this, you will find fear and dread from all of mankind and even the animal kingdoms.  You will crawl on your belly, in the dust and heat of the deserts and hidden places.  One day, I will send a Saviour into this fallen world that will crush your head even though you strike at His heel.

“To the perfect woman: by upsetting the balance I created, your reproductive system will suffer.  Your body will know more pain as you bring children into this world.  Your commission to be a helpmate will remain and you shall still desire your husband … but his actions towards you will be to try and dominate and rule over you.

“Then I turned to My perfect Adam: Because you listened to the enticements of you wife and ate of the Tree even when you remembered My commands, the balance of this perfect Garden and the Earth will change.  No longer will you find your food within easy reach, but soon you will have to work with sweat on your face to till the ground.  Thorns and thistles will replace the fertile world around you.  You and the generations that follow you will know death.  From dust you were created and to dust you will return.  You cannot live forever in your rebellion and disobedience.”

They stood there in confusion and growing bewilderment.  What did ‘death’ even mean?  They had never seen death in the Garden before.  Sure they had seen the animals around them give birth but what would ‘pain’ mean for the woman to give birth?  So many questions but there were not answers from their great Creator.

Adam took her hand and watched as the Creator ‘killed’ an animal and made clothes for them.  This sacrifice would foretell of some many other animal sacrifices used to teach mankind of the consequences of disobedience and rebellion to God’s laws.

Next, angels appeared and led them out of their beautiful Garden.  Two Cherubim with faming swords were set at the entrance of the Garden.  They no longer had access to their perfect world in case they turned and ate of the Tree of life and lived forever.  Now they would find their world outside the protected place their Creator had made just for them.

Adam then names his wife Eve as he now believes that she ‘…. would become the mother of all the living’.  Thiscouple6 will have a double meaning for the generations to come.

So many points can be highlighted from this story.  Join us in our next post as we see these same patterns are still repeated in our world some 7,000 years later.  The ‘snake’ is still around and active in our relationships between males and females.  In fact as we have stated, this is these are the foundation facts for ‘The Battle of the Sexes’.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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