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Aug 08

6/41 Seeing the Emotional Spiritual Battle Between the Sexes

As we continue with our theme on ‘What your Dad didn’t tell you about the Opposite sex’, we spend another few posts on the issues of Males andmale female questions Headship, their place in the Godly family and how to help get and keep the balance right.

  1. A quick background for this issue:

Genesis 2– God Creates Man, 2:7. He was given directions about the Two Trees 2:8-9. Adam was called to “…guard, guide and govern …” the Garden 2:15-17, “Shamar”. God creates ‘Whoa! Man!’ – woman – 2:21-23 and they are ‘One Flesh’, 2: 24-25. Woman’s commission = home improvement committee 2:18.  She was a Helper suited to help with the Garden.

Genesis 3: There is a snake in the Garden! … and he is still here!  We see the interaction between the woman and serpent, 3: 1-5. Man takes from her hand and eats 3:6. Guilt enters 3:8-10. Man ‘blame shifts’ onto her 3:11-12. The woman ‘blame shifts’ onto snake and he “….has no leg to stand on” 3:13.

Sad results pronounced by their Creator for disobedience: Consequences on serpent 3:14-15. Consequences on Woman 3:16, and consequences for Adam 3:17-19. Adam names woman Eve – Mother of life (was she?) -3:20. First sacrifice for sin 3:21. God banishes couple from the Garden, 3:22-24. So where is the male’s right to lead now? What place does seduction and abdication have in the battle of the sexes?

  1. The Old Nature was born with their disobedience

We can see the Old Nature in the actions of Adam ( and dare I say, almost all males!): not taken his authority, irresponsible to consequences, not standing up for what was God’s directions, following the woman and rebellious toward God, not loving and protection his wife.

What about Eve? With (and dare I say almost all!) women: believed half-truths about life, deceived into thinking she has the answer to life, she took the initiative, the action, often overly responsible, then lost respect for Adam.

Reading between the lines, Adam really wanted to eat of the fruit and so didn’t stop the woman; she became ‘the bunny’ to fulfil his heart’s desire.

  1. Both were full of pride and unbelief, disobeyed Creator God and felt the consequences. .

Put another way, the heart’s desire of unredeemed man is something similar to the ideal of Norm in the ‘Life Be In It’ cartoon. Norm sits in front normof the telly watching sport with a tinny of beer, being served hand and foot by the ‘Old Lady’ (while the kids are acting up undisciplined in the background).

Fortunately for us all, Jesus redeemed us from the Old Nature, by giving us a new one (2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 6:15). In this New Nature, men are to be the servants to those they are responsible for.

  1. Many men do see female as the ‘Source of Life’.

Who gave the name ‘Eve’ to the first woman? You will find it was Adam, not God, who gave her this name (Genesis 3:20). Eve means “the life-giving one” (TLB). After the Fall, Adam could only ‘see’ from a naturalistic point of view, where he perceived that it is the woman who produces physical life. The Canaanites saw it this way too, so they worshiped the Ashtaroth, which was a female fertility mother goddess.

Worshipping ‘female’ as the source of life is deception of course, because the real source of Life is Father God. When the egg of a female and the sperm of the male unite into a new human being, God puts the ‘breath of life’ or the spirit into this new human (Genesis 2:7, Zech. 12:1).

Question: Ask Jesus whether you bonded to mother or father at 13? Who do you respect more today, your father or mother?

Some males may perceive motherhood as ‘the source’, because during childhood she is the one who takes responsibility and fulfils the child’s needs and wants. If Dad either doesn’t exist (died, left family) or refuses responsibility, then the view of woman as comfort and ‘life’ can become entrenched for boys under rejection.

We will continue this theme in our next post, to see the consequences for both males and females who still live in their ‘Old Nature’ even as Christians.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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