Aug 20

6/42 Restoring the Rightful Roles in Conflict Solutions

As we look deep into this concept of the Old Nature and male/female relationships, we see an interesting pattern. This is the majority f people around us who have not accepted their God-given challenge of walking with Him. Caught in self-centeredness and often hidden rebellion to God, they follow whatever their heart wants.

When we put this in context of the actions of Adam and Eve, we can see the Old Nature clearer. In fact, there is often an undercurrent of seduction and emotional struggle for power going on.

mhead01Male needs female approval,Often overly passive, In rebellion against God, Avoids responsibility, Doesn’t know how to love, Influenced by Rejection.

As a result:

Male grows more inadequate, Male gets hurt, angry, Responds poorly

Male loses female approval,

Gets discouraged, Male withdraws or bullies

Female needs to be neededfhead03Sees males as the answer, Deceived in emotional crisis, Takes action or responsibility that isn’t hers, Loses respect for the man.

As a Result:

Female gets hurt, angry, Often responds poorly out of emotions, Feels rejected and not good enough.

Female loses respect

Female doesn’t feel special, Gets discouraged, Female withdraws or manipulates

So how do we get around this ‘Seduction – Emotional Control cycle’?   Each seeing life through their own deceived lenses will only continue to meet discouragement and go onto another relationship, often with the same consequences.

For Males:

  1. Begin by seeing this is an emotional/spiritual battle between the sexes. Repent of your error and confess that God is the Source of Life, not family or originwoman. Neither is male the source of fulfillment.
  2. Find an understanding on the concept of ‘Rejection’ and fear of rejection. Get yourself healed from rejection (woman pleasing), by accepting God’s love for you. See yourself as He does and how special that is for both males and females!
  3. If applicable as a Male, talk to the Lord about having bonded to mother as a teenager, instead of Dad. Forgive and deal with the fact that Dad to be there for you, due to his own issues. Identify yourself as “Son of (Werner / father) instead of Son of (Dorothy / mother)”. It helps to pronounce who you are with other men. Understand and receive God’s view of a male’s emotional nature – yes males do have emotions!
  4. If applicable, repent over having not received your inheritance from father. You need to accept the Godly ties from your father – yes there are some even if he didn’t know God. If you reject your inheritance from your dad, you will have NONE, as male inheritance does not come though mother. When you have accepted your inheritance, then you can pick through it and let the Lord decide what He wants you to keep and what you want to throw away, forgive and release for healing.
  5. Get prayed for and anointed with oil by someone with a male emotional nature, who has God’s anointing to lead his family.

For Females:

  1. Recognise your part in the Seduction Cycle. Males can never be the total answer for yourself worth and acceptance as a person. This can only come from your Creator. Let Him convict you of trying the manipulate anyone into needing or keeping you around to solve their Resourcesproblems.
  2. Find out about and understand the deep wounds that Rejection and Fear of Rejection have caused in your life. Allow God’s love to replace these wounds and see yourself as the precious daughter of the most high God! His way will not rub you or your place in the world. Face the fear of being left out, taken advantage of or becoming less of a person when you step into His role for you as a woman.
  3. Allow the Lord to show you your attitudes towards males, especially your dad. Release, repent and get on with your Heart receiving healing from your Creator. Sift through the ungodly ties with Dad and deal with the hurt and rejection there. His issues kept him from showing the love you needed as a precious daughter. Then, keep the Godly ties as the Lord shows you.
  4. Look for Godly, healthy woman around you and have someone pray for you to have this special role as a Godly woman, protected by Him not afraid of being rejected by Godly males.

To conclude, breaking the Seduction Cycle you inherited from Adam and Eve will go a long way to bringing you healthy relationships with the opposite sex, especially the God-chosen one for your future.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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