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Oct 25

6/6 The Disobedience in the Garden and Conflict Solutions

eden2In our last post, we discussed the Creator’s sad pronouncement at the disobedient actions of Adam and his wife, now named Eve.  These details are very important in understanding the conflict between males and females, both then and now.  So how does this influence relationship between the sexes, especial in marriage and raising a family? 

Let’s start with, we need to establish certain details.  Go back to the story in Geneses, chapters 2 and 3 to see if you can find the answers to the following facts:

1.  What was Eve’s response back to the snake in Genesis 3:2?  Did she get her facts right?  What did she add that the Creator did not say?

2. What is the Temptation they both gave into?

3.  Why did Adam ‘go along with’ her choice?

4. Who had the first and final responsibility to keep God’s word?

5.  Why did the woman desire the fruit of the tree?  Why did the woman give Adam the fruit (Gen. 2:18)?  Why does Adam take the fruit offered to him?

6. Where was Adam when she ate of the fruit?  Why didn’t Adam step in, to confront the serpent, especially when he was meant to guard, guide and govern the Garden?

7. Why did the Creator wait until Adam ate the fruit to open their eyes … rather than when she ate the fruit?  How did Adam not ‘love his wife’?

8.  What might have happened if Adam repented for the actions of his wife?

9. Why did they hide from God?  Why would they react with shame and guilt?  Does this same pattern happen in our world today?

10. Who told them they were naked?  Why was this important and how does this knowledge of ‘being naked’ impact our world today?

11. Why is ‘blaming shifting’ so strong in our world today?

12.  What does it mean ‘… toil’?  Is it different from the original working Adam was to do in the Garden?

13. What does the word ‘curse’ meant in this story?  Are we still ‘under the curse’ today?  Why or why not?

14.  What does it mean to rule over someone?  … and how does this happened in our world today?

15. What were the consequences of the woman’s disobedience and do we see this in our world today?

16. Why does Adam choose this name for the woman?  What influence does this have on males today?

17. Did God abandon them in their sin?  What did He teach them by killing an animal to cloth them?  Why would he ban them from the Garden?  (Book?)

18.  What does the verse about “…. crushing your head and bruising His heal…” mean?

19. How do we face the same temptation today that Adam and Eve did?  What patterns are still being repeated from the Genesis story?

20.  What relationship do you think Adam and Eve had with their Creator’ after this event?  Then what about their own relationship?  How would this influence the trust and unity between the generations following them?

Look more closely at this section of Genesis, ‘the seed book of the Bible’.  There are many patterns we can see from this section of God’s word.  Remember, the recorded story is not how God wanted it to be  but how it actually happened.  He did not water down the details or the consequences of their rebellion.

Eye book?

Join us in the next post as we put some of these questions into perspective.  This is the basis of the ‘old nature’ in both males and females so we need to see the consequences of ourselves and for the Battle of the Sexes!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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