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6/8 The Patterns of the Old Nature in Conflict Solutions

We raised some interesting questions in one of our last posts.  How did you go on sorting out some of the basic details from the Genesis story?  Can you see some common themes in today’s world?

1.  The Patterns of the Old Nature

What do we means when we talk about ‘the Old Nature’?  This is the term used in the New Testament to talk about the basic way humans act, think and the relationships with others.  Before we become Jesus Followers, we follow this old nature because it is the natural way we think and act, choose and react.  This includes the bottom line self-centredness, self-protecting and self-striving we see about us.


Leanne Payne gives a good description of this Old nature in her book ‘Restoring the Christian Sol’.  You can buy the book HERE on the Book Depository!  Free delivery world wide!

The world is blinded to spiritual realities, hard-hearted and caught in the webs of deception and delusion.  Ruled by fear, anxiety and insecurities, people are driven by greed, self-destruction and cruelty.

Certainly there is the other side to the coin of human nature: great inspiration, tremendous works of art, heroic acts of self-sacrifice and self giving.  We as a human race are capable of great heights …. and great depths of depravity.

… but such were some of us …

We can even see this old nature is the lives of the Jesus Followers around us as well as in ourselves.  In fact, it is the Old Nature is what we need to catch in our walk as Jesus followers.  We often slip into the old ways of behaving and thinking.  We have inherited this from Adam and Eve, through our ancestors and in our own choices.  These self-centred, rebellious and independent patterns of life continue to trap us unless we deal with this part of our thinking by renewing our mind.

So how do we handle this Old Nature in order to grow in Jesus?  There are several ways to catch and deal with this part of our personal world.  Remember though, we will never be free from its influence until we stand before Jesus so there is no need for self effort and striving to be perfect.

Catch our Slave to Sonship blog where we see how we all enter into His kingdom as a Slave to the world’s way of thinking …. but He grows us into Heirs!   Prisons take many forms.

Jesus talked about the grain of wheat.  A grain of wheat must fall into the ground and give up the desire to be independent in order for growth to happen.  So with us – we must choose to allow the conviction of the Holy Spirit to take the grain of wheat into death and onto new life.

We must learn to die to our old nature habit patterns.  Every time I chose to obey the Lord and turn from my old nature thinking and habits, part of the ‘self life’ dies.   We can turn from selfish living, ambitious greed and lusts of all kinds.  Jealousy, anger, hatred, gossip, slander, grumbling – all are grains of wheat that must die in order for the life of Jesus to flow through us.

…but such were some of us…

Put another way, we must chose to do the opposite of what Adam and Eve did in order to growth into mature Jesus followers.  Where they chose disobedience, we must chose obedience from a willing heart – not because we will ‘go to hell’ if we don’t follow Him.  It’s when we see that is in our best interest to follow His will that growth can happen.

Doing the opposite is very important when we are faced with this battle of the sexes.  We must choose to do the opposite rejection_1of their actions.  Adam was given the authority to guard, guide and govern but chose to do his own desires.  Eve was deceived and seduced by the lies and deception of the enemy through the words of the snake.  How we need to take back our authority, get on with our own commissions and step into His power.

When she stepped out of her role, Eve robbed Adam of the right to rule.  Males and Female have been in conflict ever since.  As women then began to take on a man’s world, the result is often, burnout and disillusionment.

When both parents are out of order, the children were/are left exposed to grow up with their own deceptions, open to the enemy’s tactics and peer group pressures.  Both genders lost their own commission, anointing and glory of being what God had created them to be.  However, there is a way back! 

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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