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6/9 The Heart of the Conflict between Adam and Eve

male female questionsAs we saw in our last post, Eve was deceived into making the decision and Adam went along with her choice ……. because he really wanted to find out what it would be like to eat the fruit.  She carried out what was already in his heart to do.  She became the one who acted out his desire.  Again, that is the pattern we see around us today.

A major part of The Old Nature shows itself differently in males and females.

1. The typical old nature in males is to do what Adam did:

Adam sat back and let his wife make the decision.  He had the authority but didn’t want to stop her as he wanted to see what happened.  Adam didn’t really love his wife as he let he do something the Creator said would cause death.  He just stood there next to her and watched her!  Adam hadn’t stepped in and silenced the snake.  He had the authority to stop the enemy but he chose not to.

2. The typical old nature in females is to do what Eve did:

mhead01She was deceived into thinking she had the answers to life in the snake’s words.  Someone had to make a decision so she stepped in and ‘did it’, whatever ‘it’ turns out to be.  She took on the responsibility that wasn’t hers and took the fruit from the tree.

Here is an example of what I mean:

          Male                                                      Female

overly passive,                                         overly active, doing more and more

in rebellion against God                       deceived as to responsibility

avoids responsibility                              took responsibility that wasn’t hers

doesn’t know how to love                      loses respect for the man


Do you know any men like this?  Do you know any women like this?

It is my belief, after Counselling and Mentors for over 25 years that EVERY man on the planet has these characteristics as part of his old nature.  EVERY woman on the planet  has these characteristics as part of her old nature.

Put another way, the heart’s desire of unredeemed man is something similar to the ideal of Norm in the ‘Life Be In It’ cartoon.  Norm sits in front of the TV watching sports with a tinny of beer, being served hand and foot by the ‘Old Lady’ (while the kids are acting up undisciplined in the background).

3.  As a result, a sense of competition to take his place, his role and his authority has resulted between males and females: Who has the authority to make decisions?

The real battle of the sexes is a power struggle to see who has the authority to have the authority.

4. Adam’s actions have affected all males. 

What would be the single, greatest complaint the vast majority of women have about the vast majority of men?  A hint money conflictsSNAGS … SAGS ….. WIMPS ….. and ……  It would probably be the withdrawal and lack of responsibility, leaving the women to do it alone ……

Whether it’s ‘Dads off fishing and Mums are doing the dishes’, or he has left the house to do his own thing and she is left with the disciplining of the kids, we see it all around us.  Then the struggle has set up such disunity, resulting in more hurt, anger, judgment and pain between males and females.

She goes into reaction to save herself further hurt and pain but rejecting him.  Because most males know little about females, he takes on the hurt and ‘goes into his cave’.  Things don’t get discussed and the problem doesn’t go away.  Someone still has to discipline the kids, pay the bills and take out the garbage … so who usually does it?

We all live in a world were self is in control.  How do we trust in a God we can’t see, can’t touch.  We question His motives for us, or often doubt His capability to fully save us from pain.   Unbelief in a loving Father God, who wants the very best for all of His children, we females take our own course of action.  Wee females are the daughters of  mother Eve just as males are the sons of Adam.

Every generation faced the same question the snake asked…”Did God really say….” because, you see the snake still talks to us today.  This is the basis for the feminists, the women’s libber’s of your mother’s day and the suffragettes of your our grandmother’s day.

This is the part of the Old Nature that is driving the Battle of the Sexes.  We must learn to find the Creator’s balance in order to sort out this mess in any relationship.  Join our nest post as we see another aspect of the battle – males often see females as the source of life!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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