Aug 31

Conflict Solution, Sexual response and Self-Worth

Feelings about our self-worth go deep into every area of our life.  Tick those areas in your life mhead01that need Father God’s help in ‘re-designing’ your thinking patterns.

____ 1. I feel guilty about almost everything I do.

____ 2. I can’t stop condemning myself for past sins and mistakes.

____ 3. I am troubled over my lack of self-confidence.

____ 4. My sleep is frequently disturbed.

____ 5. I feel nervous and tense most of the time.  I panic easily.

____ 6. I act on impulse and think later.

____ 7. I find it hard to adjust to circumstances beyond my control.

____ 8. I dislike those who disagree with me.  I find ways to belittle them.

____ 9. I become sad easily, especially when my feelings get hurt.

____ 10. I feel I deserve to be punished without knowing why.

____ 11. I am always pushing myself to do more than I should.

____ 12. I tend to say what I think, regardless of the consequences.

____ 13. I am too concerned about my health.

____ 14. Sometimes, I wish I had never been born.

____ 15. I have lost faith in prayer and in God being interested in me.

____ 16. I am fearful when I do not make a good impression on others.

____ 17. It is hard for me to sit down and do nothing.

____ 18. I keep failing to live up to my ideals as a Christian.

____ 19. I am always looking out for myself first.

____ 20. I feel I am not as happy as other people.

____ 21. I am depressed most of the time because of guilt feelings.

____ 22. I loose my temper easily regardless of the situation.

____ 23. I find life so troublesome I sometimes wonder if it is worth it.

____ 24. I take the consequences of my actions too seriously.

____ 25. I wish I could feel closer to God but I am afraid of Him.

____ 26. I feel guilty when I think I have not done my best.

____ 27. Most of the time, I don’t like myself.  I wouldn’t be my friend.

____ 28. Most of the time life is a strain and an unreasonable burden.

____ 29. I am worried about my appearance.

____ 30. It disturbs me that I love and hate the members of my family.

____ 31. I can’t believe God loves me.

____ 32. It feels good to give someone the verbal lashing they deserve.

____ 33. I lose interest quickly.

____ 34. I become too involved with other people’s problems.

____ 35. I am not satisfied with the way I live.

____ 36. I am very critical of people when they make a mistake.

____ 37. I feel that people expect too much of me.

____ 38. I feel lonely even in the middle of a crowd.

____ 39. I am never satisfied with what I accomplish.

____ 40. I feel I need to always be right.

(Adapted from ‘The Psychology of Jesus’, pg.246)

Often problems in the sexual and relationship areas of life come from a deep lack of elf-worth.  If any of these questions were of concern to you, find a competent counsellor and work through your own self talk on the issues.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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