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Sep 12

Conflict Solutions looks at the Book ‘Save the Males’

Save males With piercing wit and perceptive analysis, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Kathleen Parker explores how men, maleness, and fatherhood have been under siege in American culture for decades.  She argues that the feminist movement veered off course from its original aim of helping women achieve equality and ended up making enemies of men.

The pendulum has swung from the reasonable middle to a place where men have been ridiculed in the public square and the importance of fatherhood has been diminished–all to the detriment of women and children, who ultimately suffer most.

The author explores our burgeoning culture of permissiveness and the impact of anti-male attitudes on families and relationship.

One reader wrote: “Kathleen Parker tackles some of the more taboo subjects in today’s sexual politics and culture wars that will have America talking about saving the males.”

So how do we do this?

Godly Mothers need to ‘give up’ their sons to their Godly Father.  ‘Allowing’, encouraging more adventurous activities with Dad also adds to the sense of being male.  Remember sons grow by being challenged and girls grow by being protected.

Mothers must learn to hand over responsibility of sons to a healthy male model at puberty. At this point the job of developing a man is mostly finished for the mum. Most traditional cultures acknowledge this with rites of passage. If mother doesn’t ‘back off’, the boy may put female as an idol in his heart and be subject to seduction by other females.

Moms can still be in good relationships with their sons; we aren’t saying otherwise.  Some male discussions need to be handed over to Godly father so sons can see the role of the Father in life.  Certainly fathers need to be involved in the life of all children from as early on as possible but at the pre-teen years, life changes for their offspring.

If the son is still hocked into his mother, other things are then out of order.  One consequence can be that he gives away his birthright (inheritance), commission (male emotional nature = problem solving) and headship (leadership).  As we have mentioned in previous post, this often happens whenever a female pulls a male away from his God=given task – leading, guiding and governing the family in LOVE.

This is a big topic and we have covered some of it in past posts.

Then to add to the healthy transition – Why do Men need to keep their Promises?

There are many men today who have fallen into the trap of seeing female as their source of life. This means they will let a woman draw them away (be seduced) from God’s purposes. The result is that they are unable to make decisions, or they make promises they seldom keep.

“Certainly a book that will have you thinking and talking long after you are done reading it. This book sticks with you and demands you to defy the conventions and stigmas you were brought up with, wondering, “What the heck happened to us ?”

I found the book interesting considering the topics around us at the present discussions of male female relationships.  Encouraging males to step into Godly roles will help all females, as they can learn to be the man God has created them to be.  Encourage the males around you to do just that.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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